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Carola Zee

After her education at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam - The Netherlands, Carola Zee mainly worked as graphic designer. Since 2004 she is completely oriented towards her passion: designing and producing ceramics. Her work in general stands out by her use of graphic decorations in the material and the form of the objects. Combining modern production techniques with craftsmanship.

“Due to mass production people get an overload on products and gadgets, that follow the newest hypes, every season. Most consumer articles are cheap and easily replaceable. Which leads to more consumption and waste of materials. My personal goal is to create products that are beautiful, unique and can withstand time by giving them personal and exclusive qualities.”

Since 2007 Carola has been working together with craftsmen in Jingdezhen China. Famouse for it’s porcelain production for centuries. Even with the big economical and industrial changes in China a lot of products here are still produced manually. This form of craftsmanship and the people who are doing it are the main focus point in her designs.

Lara de Greef
Lara de Greef is designer of applied utensils. She works with a great sense for aesthetics and shapes, in techniques she further developed after here graduation at the well known Eindhoven Design Academy. Designs were made with many different materials, but for certain there is a clear preference for natural materials.Her company, Studio Lara de Greef, is very active and an abundance of designs has been launched, ranging from glasswork, ceram- ic vases to bamboo furniture.
De Intuitiefabriek
De Intuïtiefabriek (Amba Molly, Eefiene Bolhuis, Eva Gevaert) is an all female designstudio finding common ground in their intuitive way of working and their use of materials and techniques. To De Intuïtiefabriek designing is all about craftsmanship, the touch of materials and the actual act of making things. Their aim is to create perfectly crafted prod- ucts, from which you can feel the love with which they were made.
Studio ZWARD is located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and was founded by jewellery designer Kirsten Spuijbroek and illustrator Jelmer Noordeman. Their common fascinations brings them together as a design team.
Egbert-Jan Lam
Egbert-Jan Lam graduated in building-engineer- ing in Alkmaar (1994) and in design at the Design academy in 1999. In 2001 he set up buroJET. Since 2007 he is working as an independent design- er, with a hands-on aproach and a passion for good design buroJET designs and developes concepts and products for its own label as well as national- and international contractors and manufacturers in the field of tableware and interior products.
Kirstie van Noort
Kirstie van Noort lives and works in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. She graduated at Design Acad- emie Eindhoven, the Netherlands in 2011.

"Once grabbed by a material or process I want to unravel this to the bottom. The information that is revealed during this research forms the foundation of the stories behind the final product."
Elke van den Berg
Elke van den Berg (1984) graduated at Design Academie Eindhoven, the Netherlands in 2010. She started her own ceramic studio. With love for the material and colors, experimenting with all the possibillities and getting really white and dirty Elke loves to work with ceramics every day.
Lotte Douwes
Studio Lotte Douwes is a design studio with a focus on interior and product design. Space is a recurring theme in the work of Lotte. Through her designs Lotte shows her vision on the things we use in dai- ly life and hereby hopes to inspire other people in their perception of the space and products around us.
Hester Zagt
Hester Zagt (1967) gets inspiration for her jewelry from old but rapidly disappearing Dutch traditions. Using new techniques (such as rapid prototyping) and materials (artclay), she blows new life into these old traditions.
Alissia Melka-Teichroew
"I try to find the fine line between aesthetics and functionality," says NY based designer Alissia Mel- ka-Teichroew. This sentiment articulates the moti- vation behind Alissia's multifaceted body of design work. Founder and creative director of byAMT Inc is a New World-Old World mash-up. The daughter of a French mother and American father, she was born and raised in The Netherlands.